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burrow with us

We are a local neighborhood community meeting spot where people and dialogue meet in concord. We want our guests to enjoy new friends and have discussions about what matters most in our community, our city, and our lives. Our focus is open dialogue and listening.

If we are to be true to ourselves, we will need to be social, sustainable, and deeply rooted to our community.

why Burrowing Owl

Owls represent wisdom. A quality needed when trying to see through masks to find truth. We all hide behind something and this lounge will be here to allow the removal of our masks; let us be comfortable in our beliefs no matter what, and speak and hear each other’s truths.

More specifically, Burrowing Owls are one of only two owls that are social. They inhabit prairies in Colorado acting like Prairie Dogs, just hanging out near their home and spending time with one another. Burrowing Owls are active both during the day and the night, truly enjoying the warmth of sunshine as well as the sweet moonlight.